Dosym Satpaev

Stories by the Author

Kazak Weapons Scandals

The Kazak authorities are believed to be involved in a series of illegal weapons sales

21 Feb 05

Astana Clamps Down on Investors

Planned legislation seems likely to have a sharp impact on the freedom of overseas companies to run their operations in Kazakstan

21 Feb 05

Russia Homes in On Caspian Oil

The creation of a new oil exploration consortium combining three of Russia's major energy companies highlights Moscow's growing interest in the Caspian region

21 Feb 05

Kazak Political Feud

Accusations of corruption expose damaging power games among Kazakstan's political elite

21 Feb 05

Kazak Premier Under Threat

The future of Kazakstan's beleaguered premier Kasymjomart Tokaev is looking increasingly uncertain.

21 Feb 05
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