Dejan Anastasijevic

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Round One: To Milosevic

The regime is having a very successful war, and in a few days, NATO will face a hard choice: deploy ground troops with considerable risk of casualties, or return to the negotiating table to face a even stronger Milosevic.

10 Nov 05

Counting The Cost Of Ground Troops

NATO bombing has failed to force Slobodan Milosevic to back down and Serbian forces in Kosovo have dug in. Any NATO ground invasion must expect heavy casualties.

11 Apr 99

Apres Slobo, the Deluge

The real nightmare scenario began when the bombing started and chaos broke out across Kosovo. One way or another, it is likely that the West will be dragged in on the ground. As for Milosevic, his only goal is probably to remain in control of Serbia, even

24 Mar 99

Rambouillet and Aftermath: Milosevic's Winning Hand

Belgrade’s victory was little more than the combined failure of the Contact Group and the KLA. But Milosevic will continue to exploit internal frictions among both to undermine the peace process.

26 Feb 99

The First Concessions

The visit of Serbian leader Milan Milutinovic to the Paris talks has been widely reported as an opportunity to reiterate hard-line positions. But whatever the outcome, Milosevic’s puppet actually helped the talks overcome some key initial obstacles.

19 Feb 99

After Paris

Kosovo is the only political glue binding Belgrade's fractious governing coalition together. Milosevic's real problem will be after a deal, when Serbia finally has to face itself.

12 Feb 99
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