Danish Karokhel

Stories by the Author

Aid Workers in Peril

Afghans working on reconstruction are getting caught up in the latest upsurge of violence.

1 Sep 06

Presidential Powers Cause Concern

Some fear interim President Hamed Karzai will try to solidify his current position before a parliament is actually elected.

16 Nov 05

Enrollment of Female Voters Lagging

Despite efforts to encourage their participation, the number of women registered to vote in this summer’s election is still troublingly low.

16 Nov 05

Seeking a Safe Haven

Having fled Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, 29 refugees are seeking sanctuary in Afghanistan.

16 Nov 05

Ex-Governors Play the Blame Game

While everyone agrees that Zabul is one of the most troubled provinces in the country, no one is willing to take responsibility.

16 Nov 05

Blasphemy Editor Unrepentant

Journalist has “no regrets” over writing allegedly un-Islamic article that could cost him his life.

16 Nov 05
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