Branko Peric

Stories by the Author

Milosevic's Bosnia Factor

Former rivals, Milosevic and dismissed Bosnian Serb leader Poplasen are forging a new alliance to try to refresh their standing among the Serbs.

16 Nov 05

Tightening The Noose

The arrest of Radoslav Brdjanin, under a sealed indictment from the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague, has renewed speculation in Republika Srpska as to who else might have been indicted for war crimes.

10 Nov 05

Arrest Fever

As more and more senior war crimes suspects end up in The Hague, speculators wonder who will be arrested next.

10 Nov 05

Rebuilding Ferhadija

Banja Luka's landmark 16th century Ferhadija mosque was destroyed in 1993 and all traces removed. Now it may be rebuilt, despite the city's hard-line mayor.

10 Nov 05


The Bosnian Serb authorities seem unwilling to arrest key war crimes suspects despite adopting a law on cooperation with The Hague

8 Dec 01
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