Ayesha Kajee

Stories by the Author

Netting Uganda's Rebels

The ICC needs the backing of regional states and the full support of the UN if it is to secure the arrest of leaders of the Lords Resistance Army.

15 Feb 10

Fixing Zimbabwe

Even if Robert Mugabe steps aside, unpicking the damage done to Zimbabwe’s political fabric will be a complex task.

11 Apr 08

A Blot on Africa's Copybook

While African civil society mobilises in solidarity with Zimbabweans, governments and regional bodies remain silent.

21 Mar 07

Eastern Sudan: A Forgotten Crisis

While the world’s attention is fixed on the Darfur killing fields, eastern Sudan struggles to cope with nearly 200,00 displaced people.

19 Dec 06

Breaking the Darfur Impasse

Diplomats placing fragile hope in plans for extended African Union mission, with logistical and financial support from UN.

16 Oct 06
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