Arkady Dubnov

Stories by the Author

Turkmenbashi Boosted by Moscow Deal

Energy and security agreement will benefit both countries - but has worrying implications for Turkmen opposition figures living in Russia.

21 Feb 05

No End to Afghan Fighting

Afghanistan is bracing itself for yet more fighting as the Taliban and the Northern Alliance shun peace talks.

21 Feb 05

Alliance Resistance

The Northern Alliance forces in Afghanistan appear determined to thwart the Taleban

21 Feb 05

Dostum on the Offensive

Uzbek general, Abdul Rashid Dostum, looks to turn key northern afghan town into the capital of a provisional administration of anti-Taleban groups.

21 Feb 05

Tehran Guns for Caspian Oil

Regional tensions run deep in the Caspian, where gun boats, sharp tongues and bellicose threats are making serious waves.

24 Aug 01

CIS Visa Wars

Is the Commonwealth of Independent States at an end? With Russia's recent introduction of visa requirements for travellers to and from Georgia and Azerbaijan, the future for the CIS looks bleak.

26 Nov 99
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