Alison Freebairn

Stories by the Author

Srebrenica Puzzle Almost Complete

While Ratko Mladic is still on the run, enough members of his inner circle may now be in The Hague for the final questions about the genocide to be answered.

18 Nov 05

Milosevic Running Out of Time

As former Yugoslav president’s defence case seemingly flounders, judges ponder ways to speed up the trial.

18 Nov 05

Tribunal to Miss 2008 Deadline

Court president warns Security Council that war crimes proceedings are certain to last at least a year longer than expected.

18 Nov 05

No Trace of Mujahedin

Witness in Hadzihasanovic case tells of fruitless search for a rumoured 2,000-strong force of foreign mercenaries.

9 Nov 05

Bosnian Serb War Aims

Former Vance aide tells how Karadzic played on Second World War to justify Bosnian Serb goals.

9 Nov 05
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