Abdul Wali

Stories by the Author

Local Hopes Riding on Khalili

Residents of the Afghan province of Bamyan are counting on local warlord-turned-deputy president Karim Khalili to improve their lot.

1 Sep 06

Consulting the People

Afghans are being asked what they think of plans for a new constitution but many remain baffled.

3 Mar 05

Phoney Drugs Put Lives at Risk

The government feels powerless to stop unscrupulous traders from selling cheap imported remedies to the poor and sick.

3 Mar 05

TV Turn-off

Kabulis try to circumvent government bid to take the spice out of Indian movies broadcast on Afghan television.

3 Mar 05

Badakhshis Change Channels

The only television station to have stayed on air during the Taleban era is now struggling to survive.

3 Mar 05

Illegal Houses Torn Down

The authorities are trying to clear the capital of hundreds of homes that don’t square with Kabul development plans.

3 Mar 05
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