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13 May 10
Iraq hit by spate of bombings as process of forming new government drags on weeks after poll.
30 Apr 10
Bloc warns of instability, political influence over courts as votes are recounted in Baghdad.
16 Apr 10
Mixed-sect couples describe the difficulty of keeping marriages alive in times of war. By Abeer Mohammed in Baghdad
26 Mar 10
IWPR journalist describes how a medical emergency in the family revealed the chronic problems facing her country. By Abeer Mohammed in Baghdad
25 Mar 10
Controversial cleric’s bid for ayatollah status could also help cement comeback after election boost. By Abeer Mohammed in Baghdad
19 Mar 10
In the capital, many of Iraq’s most vulnerable and impoverished citizens came out to vote in force.
15 Feb 10
Minorities say new religious curriculum places unfair emphasis on Shia Islam.
15 Feb 10
Week of explosions and fraught negotiations shows Iraq struggling to emerge from America’s shadow.
11 Feb 10
Bloodshed highlights concerns about Shia-Sunni violence in the run-up to elections.
11 Jan 10
Iraqi government says American court’s dismissal of manslaughter case “unacceptable and unjust".