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24 Jan 11
Their offence at celebration of Asia Cup victory points to worrying intolerance of secular way of life.
10 Dec 10
Many journalists are calling for new laws to protect them and allow freer access to information.
6 Dec 10
They say the politicisation of the country’s press is undermining independent journalism.
29 Oct 10
Release of secret US intelligence reports revealing allegations of numerous abuses barely registers with war-weary population.
24 Sep 10
NGOs file court complaint in attempt to speed up efforts to form a government.
5 Aug 10
Economy, security and services affected by five-month stalemate over government formation.
9 Jul 10
Murder of alleged convert shows religious traditions in conflict with judicial authority.
8 Jul 10
Vice presdent struggles to reassure Iraqis worried ahead of planned American military pullout.
17 Jun 10
Doubts and inconsistencies surface after assault on Iraqi financial centre.