CyberArabs, Issue 5 (Arabic)

This is the fifth issue of Cyber Arabs, a magazine dealing with digital security issues in the Arab world. For this issue, we have focused on the latest tools and apps to keep your digital life secure.

One of the main items we cover here is making phone calls via your computer. Free tools like Skype and Viber have become extremely popular over the past years, but they are not always secure. We discuss how you can improve the security of these tools so as to avoid unwanted individuals eavesdropping on your conversations, something that has happened a lot in the Arab world.

We also discuss the safety of search engines. Search engines like Google are among the most popular places on the internet, but you should be aware that they record your personal data, preferences, and even your location. We discuss some of the secure alternatives that are available and explain how you can avoid sharing too much information.

Furthermore, we discuss many new tools that will improve your online and offline digital security, from apps to encrypt data on your phone to programs that will delete hidden data on your hard drive.

Thanks to everyone who sent in feedback on Issue 4 of CyberArabs. Your comments and suggestions were helpful and encouraging. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter and Facebook or visit our website (, which is updated frequently. 

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