CyberArabs, Issue 2 (Arabic)

This is the second issue of Cyber Arabs, a magazine dealing with digital security issues in the Arab world.

Since we launched our website we have added a number of new features and social media elements. You can now find CyberArabs on Facebook and on Twitter, and we hope that you will follow us there and use these tools to spread the word.

Digital security needs a large community if it is to work well. Users should always bear in mind that they are only ever as secure as the weakest link in their network of contacts.

Even if you use all the tools and take all the right precautions, you will still be at risk if the people you’re working and communicating don’t know how to protect themselves. It is therefore in your own interest to ensure that all your friends and contacts, as well as you yourself, learn as much as possible about how to stay safe when using the internet.

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