News Briefing Central Asia

Running since 2006, News Briefing Central Asia is a multilingual news analysis and comment service focusing on Central Asia’s two most closed states, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Drawing on unique insights and the expertise of a broad range of commentators and experts, the stories cover political and economic developments in the two states and their extremely poor records on human rights, media freedom and democracy.

Latest Reports

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30 Nov 12

Uzbekistan is a leading producer of natural gas, but many residents are reporting shortages as winter approaches.

Nadezhda Ataeva, head of the Human Rights Association in Central Asia. (Photo courtesy of N. Ataeva)
28 Nov 12

A leading Central Asian human rights defender says the international community is not doing enough to pressure Uzbekistan to free political prisoners.

26 Nov 12

The United States is calling for greater trade, transport and energy links between Central and South Asia, in a strategy it calls the “New Silk Road”.

22 Nov 12

Diabetes sufferers in Uzbekistan are paying high prices for the insulin they need, as the state is unable to keep up with the demand for prescription medication. 

Uzbekistan’s main HIV/AIDS centre in Tashkent. (Photo: IWPR)
21 Nov 12

Healthcare activists in Uzbekistan say children with HIV are routinely denied places in specialised care institutions.

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