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Running since 2006, News Briefing Central Asia is a multilingual news analysis and comment service focusing on Central Asia’s two most closed states, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Drawing on unique insights and the expertise of a broad range of commentators and experts, the stories cover political and economic developments in the two states and their extremely poor records on human rights, media freedom and democracy.

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20 Nov 12

The city authorities in the Uzbek capital Tashkent are clamping down on lavish wedding parties and funerals, much to the annoyance of local residents. 

14 Nov 12

Uzbekistan may be trying to realign itself with the West but Moscow is still willing to work with it on security and economic matters on any terms it chooses, a leading Russian analyst says.

6 Nov 12

A bill currently before Uzbekistan’s parliament would in theory involve members of the public in environmental issues, but on past record, the authorities are unlikely to invite green groups

6 Nov 12

Despite massive efforts by Uzbekistan’s secret service to stop people looking at independent news on the internet, web users still find ways to get round the blocks.

29 Oct 12

The Uzbek government has roundly criticised senior officials for failing to deliver on a housing construction programme. However, analysts say the problems are systemic and

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