Recent Stories

1 May 12
Media resource centre will connect Uruzgan to the outside world.
23 Jun 11
Taleban’s top tunes are hits with phone owners in southeast.
26 Feb 10
IWPR told four more locals killed as coalition fights Taleban in Operation Moshtarak.
24 Feb 10
Poppy producing area diversifies into heroin as crop price falls.
15 Feb 10
The US and its allies engage in a new offensive in the south, but the insurgents are already on the move in other parts of Afghanistan.
15 Feb 10
Insecurity and funding delays mean students face bleak future.
17 Dec 09
Revival of militia activity in Balkh linked to looming political power struggle.
19 Nov 09
Some officials say Herat frontier checkpoint giving Taleban a backdoor into Afghanistan.
18 Dec 08
Arrest of alleged Taleban militants for attack on schoolgirls fails to reassure nervous and angry population.
8 Aug 08
Residents trickle back to the war-ravaged district to try and piece together their shattered lives.