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10 Mar 14
Local residents say they have long felt their needs were being ignored, but now the government has woken up to their concerns.
18 Nov 13
IWPR project encourages young voters to think about the issues and take part in crucial polls.
18 Sep 13
Sikh and Hindu leaders say article got their voices heard at the highest level.
11 Sep 13
At conference run by IWPR, universities agree to teach journalism with a new, shared curriculum.
19 Jun 13
Expert debate hears calls to build a broader education into courses for would-be reporters.
10 May 13
IWPR helps academics and practitioners shape ideas on what future reporters should be taught.
30 Apr 13
IWPR’s Kabul editor doubles up as star on local equivalent of The Archers.
18 Oct 12
Mina Habib didn’t expect recognition for an article criticising the powers that be.
23 May 12
Enforced postponement of event underlines just how dangerous the environment is for reporters.