Recent Stories

1 May 12
Serbs joined Muslims in rebuilding Trebinje mosque.
27 Apr 12
Darfuri refugees in Eastern Chad say they have not seen representatives of the ICC in over a year.
24 Apr 12
School head stood up to pressure to expel non-Serb children.
24 Apr 12
Bosniak and Serb friends describe how they resisted divisions caused by conflict.
23 Apr 12
Former soldiers from warring forces overcome the past to work together.
19 Apr 12
Despite backing from the United Nations many still say it is not yet safe to go home.
5 Apr 12
New IWPR documentary sheds light on the war crimes and other abuses committed over two decades of Afghan conflict.
5 Apr 12
Interviews with IWPR staff involved in film, and reactions from public screenings in Afghanistan.
29 Feb 12
Overcrowded remand homes and inadequate detention facilities among problems cited by region’s law enforcement officials.
23 Feb 12
Women use song to incite men into conflict with neighbouring tribes.