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4 Jan 12
Residents say national army and police may prove unable to halt Taleban return.
3 Jan 12
Farmers shift to growing poppy in areas where official counter-narcotics programme doesn’t reach.
17 Dec 11
Armed employees of local security firms accused of robbery and worse.
22 Oct 11
Imported pharmaceuticals pose real risk to those who take them.
13 Sep 11
Switch to cotton hasn’t worked because the cash crop doesn’t sell, growers say.
7 Sep 11
Veteran fighter has years of experience leading men into combat, besides being a mother of nine.
28 Jul 11
Afghan satisfaction at gaining control of security mixed with fears for future stability.
16 Jun 11
Fears that economic ties would be cut if bridge collapses under heavy traffic flow.
21 Jan 06
A model facility in Herat offers vocational training to both male and female inmates.