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15 Dec 14
Whatever Russia does next, the effects of the conflict in east Ukraine will be lasting.
Abkhazian president Alexander Ankvab (left) with Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, who was president when this photo was taken in 2011. (Photo: Russian Presidential Press and Information Office)
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6 Jun 14
Demonstrators are driven by complex motives and differing agendas, but this is not a repeat of the Kiev revolution.
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26 Mar 14
Twitter and Facebook helped Maidan protesters organise, but it was President Viktor Yanukovich's administration that laid the ground for revolution.
Russian military outside a Ukrainian  base near  Simferopol, March 11, 2014 . (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
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21 Mar 14
"The message is that if you’re friends with Putin, you will pay the price for his decisions."
For many Russians, Crimea brings back memories of Soviet-era holidays. Sebastopol, May 2013. (Photo: J 29/Wikimedia Commons)
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5 Mar 14
Interview with writer and regional expert Peter Pomeranzev.
Aftermath of bomb attack on the Boston marathon. (Photo: Aaron Tang/Flickr)
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19 Apr 13
Attackers identified as Chechens from Russian North Caucasus, though their motives remain unclear.
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11 May 12
No one has yet called alleged perpetrators of war crimes to account, and there is little chance of it happening once foreign troops leave in 2014.
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27 Apr 12
Former Liberian president successfully prosecuted for war crimes, though command responsibility not proved.
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16 Apr 12
Insurgents should never have been able to penetrate Afghan capital’s defences in the first place.
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12 Mar 12
While US soldier’s rampage will provoke bigger anti-American protests than before, it is still unlikely to derail Kabul’s relations with Washington.