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Afrah Nasser. (Photo: Ameen Alghabri/Gabreez Studio)
First Person
24 Mar 11
Protests have given female activists a rare opportunity to express their views.
Bahrain protesters determined to keep up their protests despite the regime's fierce crackdown.
First Person
23 Mar 11
Activists denounce Bahraini regime’s alleged attempt to present uprising as a sectarian conflict.
Foreign workers interviewed at Ras Jedir transit camp.
First Person
16 Mar 11
Tunisian aid organisations and volunteers rally to assist the thousands of foreign workers who fled the fighting in Libya.
Protest in Sanaa. (Photo: Calliopejen)
First Person
16 Mar 11
Demonstrators have been largely peaceful, but they could turn violent if the security forces’ aggressive response continues.
Youngsters believe the revolution will transform their country and their lives. (Photo: Mohamed Adel/Flickr)
First Person
14 Mar 11
They say the revolution has restored pride in their country and given them real cause for optimism.
The violence in Libya has forced many to flee, like these people trying to cross into Tunisia. (Photo: UNHCR/A. Duclos)
First Person
8 Mar 11
Libyan tells of escape from Tripoli after arrest of his father and brothers.
Soad El-Rgaig says she hasn’t been able to get in touch with her family in the city of Benghazi, now in the hands of the rebels. (Photo: Gordontour/Flickr)
First Person
25 Feb 11
Longtime Libyan exile in London worries about friends and family and recalls a recent “horrific” visit to her homeland.
Some of the thousands of Egyptian migrant workers who fled the Libyan violence. (Photo: Lina Atallah)
First Person
24 Feb 11
Thousands of Egyptian economic migrants caught up in the Libyan revolution are streaming back into Egypt, worried that the violence across the border is going to get worse.
In bursts of 140 characters on Twitter, Mohamed El Dahshan reported the battle for control of the square (Photo: Ramy Raoof)
First Person
22 Feb 11
An Egyptian journalist recalls how he dodged rocks, plain-clothes police, camels and agonised over journalistic ethics while reporting on the uprising in Tahrir Square.
Israel-Egypt border. They used to have a cold peace, but what sort of relations are Egypt and Israel likely to have in future? (Photo: Jaan-Cornelius K/Flickr)
First Person
21 Feb 11
The Egyptian army has been quick to commit to all its international agreements, however ordinary people say they want more dignified relations with their neighbour.