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Only a handful of activist have demanded the overthrow of King Abdullah II and the Hashemite monarchy. (Photo: Nader Daoud/World Economic Forum)
First Person
21 Apr 11
Measures taken by king helping manage discontent – but he has to do much more if he wants monarchy to survive.
Brahraini campaigners claim hundreds of people are being detained as political prisoners. (Image: Crethi Plethi/Flickr)
First Person
18 Apr 11
President of Bahraini group says he will continue to campaign against torture and unfair imprisonment, despite intimidation by the security forces.
Those who took part in the January uprising now feel let down by the transitional government. (Photo: Nasser Nouri/Flickr)
First Person
18 Apr 11
With ex-members of regime yet to be tried, an economy in trouble and a pervading sense of lawlessness, many Tunisians are voting with their feet.
Syrian activists making more effective use of social media like Twitter, but the authorities are not far behind.
First Person
13 Apr 11
The authorities appear to have become as adept as the activists in exploiting the likes of Facebook and Twitter.
The intrusiveness of the secret police is such that Syrians will tell you that even “walls have ears”. (Photo: Fede Ranghino/Flickr)
First Person
12 Apr 11
The intelligence service infiltrates every aspect of the lives of foreign visitors and locals.
Khalil Malik Hassan Abu-Dhalam: “I still wonder whether Iraq would be different today if the world had taken our side in 1991.” (Photo: Emad al-Sharaa)
First Person
7 Apr 11
Former fighter recalls the brutally-suppressed rebellion against Saddam regime two decades ago.
Yemeni protesters appear determined despite continuing security crackdown. (Photo: Afrah Nasser)
First Person
6 Apr 11
More bloodshed as protesters insist resignation of the president must be central to any political deal.
Montreal demonstration in solidarity with the people of Syria, March 27. (Photo: Freeedomania/Flickr)
First Person
4 Apr 11
Now in hiding, campaigner describes year of repeated questioning and threats by the secret police.
Migrants workers flee the Libyan conflict. (Photo: Magharebia/Flickr)
First Person
30 Mar 11
International community need to ensure that it protects non-combatants from violence by both sides in the conflict.
Syrians of Montreal took to the streets on March 27 to show solidarity with anti-regime protesters in Syria. (Photo: Freeedomania/Flickr)
First Person
29 Mar 11
Activist provides firsthand account of regime’s crackdown on mass protests in Syrian city.