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Archangel Michael's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Aswan. (Photo: Riccardo Pesce)
First Person
16 Jun 11
Signs that many are preparing to flee country because of concerns over Islamic extremism.
Moroccan protesters demand reforms, May 2. (Photo: Lucyin)
First Person
10 Jun 11
People do not have a problem with the king, but rather the pace of change within the establishment.
Egyptian rights activist Dalia Ziada. (Photo: D. Ziada)
First Person
7 Jun 11
Some way to go to make democratic attitudes take root, particularly when it comes to women’s rights.
The large street campaigns may be over, but activists are continuing to press for change using online media. Here, a protester holds an Egyptian flag during demonstrations earlier this year. (Photo: Flickr/M. Soli)
First Person
3 Jun 11
Social media still being used to protest against limits to freedom.
Bahraini protesters at Manama's Pearl roundabout,  April 20.
First Person
19 May 11
Security force deployment around the country has significantly restricted the size of demonstrations – but people are determined to continue their struggle.
Camp for Libyan refugees in southern Tunisia. (Photo: IWPR)
First Person
17 May 11
Activist visits southern Tunisia to find out how best to help those displaced by the conflict.
Kesang Marstrand.(Photo:Samy Snoussi)
First Person
12 May 11
Artist whose song became the anthem for the uprising describes how people’s fear of expressing themselves has vanished.
West Bank Palestinians protest against Israel’s separation wall. (Photo: Ian McKellar/Flickr)
First Person
9 May 11
New impetus given to non-violent campaign against Israeli occupation.
Zainab al-Khawaja went on a ten-day hunger strike to raise awareness of her government’s attempt to crush dissent.
First Person
3 May 11
Activist says her protest was intended to draw attention to authorities’ crackdown and the fate of detained family members.
A Bahraini opposition movement poster. (Photo: Crethi Plethi)
First Person
26 Apr 11
Trade union members, journalists and opposition parties are being systematically silenced by the authorities.