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An activist daubs graffiti on the wall protecting the Israeli embassy in Cairo before it was torn down by protesters. (Photo: Maggie Osama/Flickr)
First Person
13 Sep 11
There are fears violence will distract from aims of revolution and be used by government as excuse for crackdown.
Syrian protesters in Baniyas in May. (Photo: Syrian Freedom/Flickr)
First Person
9 Sep 11
Exiled opposition figure based in Washington tells of harassment and arrest of relatives back home.
Al-Wefaq politician Ali al-Aswad.
First Person
16 Aug 11
Exiled member of Al-Wefaq party speaks of growing sectarianism amongst Sunni and Shia.
Panoramic view of the city of Hama. (Photo: Hovic/Flickr)
First Person
1 Aug 11
Protest coordinator speaks of indiscriminate shelling and targeted killings as Syrian security forces advance on city.
Thousands attend rallyn in Bahrain demanding an elected government. (Photo: Mohamed CJ/Wikimedia)
First Person
27 Jul 11
Activists say source of frequency jamming coming from island kingdom.
Anti-regime protesters in Sana’a. (Photo: Kate B. Dixon)
First Person
27 Jul 11
Acute water shortages in Taiz and arrival of droves of IDPs in Aden causes concerns.
Protesters outside the Egyptian parliament at the height of the revolution. (Photo: Monasosh/Flickr)
First Person
21 Jul 11
Some believe governing principles must be put in place ahead of elections to ensure a stable democracy.
Anti-regime protestors march in Sanaa. (Photo: Kate Dixon/Flickr)
First Person
18 Jul 11
President’s influence continues to be felt as insecurity and hunger spreads.
WikiLeaks provided confirmation of what Tunisians already knew. (Photo: Nasser Nouri/Flickr)
First Person
6 Jul 11
Activist translated secret cables to show Tunisians the extent of government misdeeds.
Protestors in London rally against the Mubarak regime. (Photo: Wheelzwheeller/Flickr)
First Person
30 Jun 11
Those living abroad say they want to contribute to building a progressive, democratic society.