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Police check IDs. Many male residents of Janaozen have been rounded up and detained following the December 16 violence. (Photo courtesy of Respublika news site
First Person
19 Dec 11
Newspaper correspondent describes tense aftermath of violence in west Kazakstan oil town.
Scene on Tahrir Square, November 20: riot police and prostrate forms of protesters. (Photo: Anjali Kamat @anjucomet)
First Person
21 Nov 11
Activist says situation just like original uprising in January.
Journalists trying to cover the Yemeni uprising have come under severe pressure from the authorities. (Photo: Sallam/Flickr)
First Person
24 Oct 11
Exiled journalist describes the threats and intimidation directed against the local press.
Libyans say that if Gaddafi had been captured alive, he would have continued to create problems.
First Person
21 Oct 11
Exultant Libyans say they feel reborn following the killing of Gaddafi who for so long cast a dark shadow over so many of his people.
A funeral for one of the victims of the violence of October 9. (Photo: Bora S Kamel/Flickr)
First Person
11 Oct 11
Tensions grows after violence on October 9 which left 26 people dead and more than 300 injured.
Protests in the  Damascus suburb of Douma ealier this year. (Photo: Syriana2011/Flickr)
First Person
10 Oct 11
He tells of months of suffering at the hands of the secret police.
Tunisian elections officials hold a press conference. (Photo: Habib Mhenni)
First Person
6 Oct 11
Personal integrity and credibility of candidates likely to be more important than ideology.
Protesters in Sana'a earlier this year. (Photo: Magnus Mansk/WikiCommons)
First Person
27 Sep 11
If the opposition pursues an armed against the regime, the country might not survive.
A panoramic view of  the city of Jerusalem. (Photo: Berthold Werner/Wikicommons)
First Person
26 Sep 11
Egyptian living in Jerusalem offers an intriguing take on Israeli society and the Palestinians.
In the last ten years, corruption is said to have become open. (Photo: Steven Damron/Flickr)
First Person
15 Sep 11
Exiled Syrian recalls the economic misery and corruption that prompted him to leave the country.