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International Court of Justice in The Hague. (Photo: ICJ/Wikicommons)
Editorial Comment
14 Mar 12
Former leader of Chad has escaped prosecution for years, but wheels of justice are now slowly turning.
Arastan Orujlu, head of the East-West Research Centre in Baku. (Photo courtesy of A. Orujlu)
27 Feb 12
Each state has different relationship with Tehran, but all are vulnerable to conflict spillover.
Following the Sarajevo premiere of her movie "In the Land of Blood and Honey", Angelina Jolie received a friendship plaque form the Youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Photo: Sarajevo Film Festival)
Editorial Comment
16 Feb 12
Reactions to movie show that old wounds have not yet healed.
A poster of President Bashar al-Assad on a wall in the Syrian capital Damascus. (Photo: Sean Long/Flickr)
18 Jan 12
Syrian president has shown by his actions that removing him is the only option.
Richard Giragosian, director of the Regional Studies Centre in Yerevan. (Photo courtesy of R. Girogasian)
23 Dec 11
Twenty years on, oligarchs control economy and have moved into politics.
Hikmet Hadjy-zadeh of the Far Centre in Baku. (Photo courtesy of H. Hajizade)
23 Dec 11
Despite difficulties of transition, eyewitness to Azerbaijan’s separation from Soviet Union has no regrets.
US military banner is furled in a ceremony to mark the end of US military operations in Iraq, December 15, 2011. (Photo: Sgt. Jessica M. Kuhn, XVIII Airborne Corps PAO/US Army)
Editorial Comment
15 Dec 11
Does end of military mission expose Iraq to new dangers?
Demonstrators in Cairo, November 26, 2011. (Photo: Lilian Wagdy/Flickr)
29 Nov 11
Army presented itself as saviour of spring revolution, but is proving to be just the opposite.
25 Nov 11
Even state broadcasters are airing criticism, although red lines for free speech remain.