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Colombian soldiers deploying to face FARC-EP guerrillas. (Photo: Mauricio Moreno/Flickr)
13 Mar 13
Rebels and government seem committed to talks, yet neither will call a truce to ease transition to peace.
Gulmira Birjanova. (Photo courtesy of G Birjanova)
8 Feb 13
Continuing persecution backed by raft of retrograde laws.
Editorial Comment
18 Jan 13
One of the world’s most repressive states promises all sorts of freedom.
A voter in Balykchi during local elections held in March 2012. (Photo: Zamandash website)
21 Dec 12
System may be changing, slowly, so that policies become more important than politicians.
Editorial Comment
14 Dec 12
Authorities repressive and responsive by turn, but the old social contract has been torn up.
8 Dec 12
Reconciliation, remembrance and the admission of crimes are all essential to making peace work, even if a settlement is reached.
Kamchybek Tashiev during the 2011 presidential election. (Photo: Igor Kovalenko)
19 Oct 12
Once-powerful politician miscalculates by attempting to take over parliament.
11 Oct 12
Agreement to hold talks is important, but fighting continues and there is massive distrust between government and rebel guerrillas.
Omurbek Babanov was seen by Kyrgyzstan's establishment policians an upstart whom they could not  control. (Photo: Respublika Party)
13 Sep 12
Change of government strengthens position of president and his party by sidelining an up-and-coming politician.