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18 Mar 14
After Moscow denounces Ukrainians as "fascists", neo-Nazis are invited as impartial observers in Crimean referendum.
A currency exchange sign in Bishkek shows the Kyrgyz currency slipping. The latest economic headache for the government is the knock-on effects of devaluation in neighbouring Kazakstan. (Photo: Pavel Dyatlenko)
5 Mar 14
New constellation of opposition leaders hopes to pressure the government, but it is far from certain they will succeed.
Fire takes hold in the building of the Centar Municipality in Sarajevo, February 7, 2014. (Photo: Jim Marshall)
Editorial Comment
11 Feb 14
Amid the worst violence to hit country since the end of the war, some are hoping the unrest will prompt real political change.
City councillors in Osh voting for their mayor, January 15, 2012. (Photo:
24 Jan 14
Election victories in Bishkek and Osh reflect strength of governing group.
Khiva, a well-preserved walled town in northwest Uzbekistan. (Photo: Nargiza Ryskulova)
15 Oct 13
Visitors feel weight of state surveillance.
14 Oct 13
Focus seems to be on Western governments' strategic aims to the exclusion of humanitarian concerns and Syrians' own wishes.
11 Oct 13
Practice of forcing people to subscribe to newspapers they don’t want has to stop.
Srebrenica war surgeon Dr Ilijaz Pilav at the ceremony in Potocari commemorating the victims of the 1995 massacre. July 11, 2013. (Photo: IWPR)
Editorial Comment
12 Jul 13
Small band of doctors treated horrendous injuries without anaesthetics in besieged town.