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Political banners at a protest in Tunis. The upper one says “I’m Muslim, I’m Tunisian, I’m against Ennahda”, while the one below says “We won’t accept a second RCD” – a reference to ousted President Ben Ali’s ruling party. (Photo: Fouad Hamdan)
30 Aug 11
Despite many obstacles, prospects for reforms still look good.
A protester holds up pictures of union lawyer Natalia Sokolova and trade unionist Akjanat Aminov, both convicted after taking part in strikes. (Photo: Ayman Kurmanov)
28 Aug 11
Recent trials of labour activists unlikely to deter further protests but certain to increase resentment.
Delivering justice and reconstruction is essential to the future of the younger generation in northern Uganda. (Photo: The Advocacy Project/Flickr)
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25 Aug 11
Authorities should not miss chance to deliver justice following 20-year conflict with northern rebels.
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16 Aug 11
Leading Russian analyst says Tajikistan’s leaders overestimate how much they can pressure world powers to secure lucrative military base deals.
Camden riots, 8-Aug-11. (Photo: Hughe Paul/Flickr)
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11 Aug 11
London-based IWPR editor accustomed to covering conflict in other parts of the world witnesses a battle on her doorstep.
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29 Jul 11
Latest Russian-sponsored effort to resolve conflict comes to naught, but some wonder whether Paris is set to replace Moscow as lead mediator.
Syrians say Assad's offer of dialogue is disingenuous. (Photo: James Gordon/Flickr)
26 Jul 11
Syrian leader losing the plot with his overtures towards those he deems to be opposition leaders.
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13 Jul 11
Killing of president's brother and Kabul hotel attack are weather vanes pointing to a dark future for Afghanistan.
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10 Jul 11
Corruption and tax evasion have increased inequality.
6 Jul 11
Democratic principles undermined as fragmented electorate prefers regional allegiances to ideology.