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13 Jun 18
Locals accuse government of indifference.
Afghan children collect scrap for money. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
5 Dec 17
Investigation suggests that large numbers of children are being sexually assaulted.
Investigative Report
9 Aug 16
With little oversight, some religious leaders said to exploit their positions.
Sierra Leonian women buy and sell goods in a Freetown market. (Photo: Natalie Behring-Chisholm/Getty Images)
Investigative Report
8 Aug 16
Investigation reveals that many women and girls never inform the authorities.
Story Behind the Story
31 Oct 11
Experts say prosecutors struggle to gather evidence required to convict perpetrators of rape. (Photo: ICC/Flickr)
8 Aug 11
Campaigners say court has improved its record on prosecuting gender-based violence but obstacles to justice remain.
13 Mar 10
The high burden of proof makes it almost impossible for them to win their cases. By Tajeldin Abdhalla Adam, Assadig Musa, Simon Jennings and Katy Glassborow in Hilversum
19 Nov 08
IWPR article on harrowing sexual assault on 12-year-old prompts police sackings.