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Pakistan: Briefing Manual on Current Affairs cover

Open Minds project is an IWPR initiative in Pakistan which addresses the extremist propaganda that fosters discord and negative impressions of the West, by offering a fact-based, analytical approach to discussing and disseminating information on critical social issues.

Libya: Reporting for a Better Future cover

Election reporting is, in essence, no different from any other form of reporting. But during election campaigns, the media as well as politicians come under even more intense scrutiny than usual, as the public follows the news with greater interest than normal. Any report is monitored for possible bias, distortion or inaccuracies.

Central Asia in Focus No. 1 cover

This is the first edition of a quarterly newsletter called Central Asia Focus, containing information about IWPR’s activities in the region and a selection of the most popular stories we have published.

Cyber Arabs No. 2

This is the second issue of Cyber Arabs, a magazine dealing with digital security issues in the Arab world.

Cyber Arabs No. 1

The internet has become a vital channel for the free flow of information across the Arab world, and has been taken up by tens of thousands of bloggers and journalists. But as the number of web users striving for greater freedom of expression grows, repressive governments have become more aware of this aspect of the internet, and have increased their own capacity to track, harass and threaten those who use it. 

Digital communication has become a more perilous activity, particularly for activists, political dissidents, and independent media. The recent surge in digital activism that has helped to shape the Arab spring has been met with stiff resistance by governments in the region intent on reducing the impact of digital organizing and independent media. No longer content with Internet filtering, many governments in the Middle East and around the world are using a variety of technological and offline strategies to go after online media and digital activists.

CAHR 9 cover

The quarterly newsletter Human Rights in Central Asia, produced under the Building Human Rights Protection and Education Through the Media in Central Asia Project, funded by the European Commission, contains comprehensive information about the project’s activities in the region (round tables, public discussions, and training events) and the human rights stories posted on the IWPR website that attracted the most public attention.

IWPR Darfur Special cover

An IWPR investigation into the floundering aid effort in Darfur has revealed the unwillingness of the international community to stand up to interference and obstruction from the government of Sudan.

IWPR Tunisia hanbook cover

En soi, le journalisme en temps d’élection n’est pas différent d’autres formes de journalisme – toutefois, pendant les campagnes électorales, les médias comme les politiciens sont observés d’encore plus près, car le monde politique et le public en général suivent les informations avec plus d’attention. Les reportages sont observés de près pour y déceler – ou pas – biais, distorsions et inexactitudes.

Dots on Letters Tripoli 2 cover

For the second Tripoli issue, the reporters researched stories on a number of interesting topics, from the plight of people living in cemeteries to the souks of the old town and the state of some of the some of main roads outside the city.