Marian Chiriac

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Will Romania Be Left Out?

Bucharest is determined to ingratiate itself with the West and integrate itself in European institutions. But Romanians are sceptical about talk of a Stability Pact for south-eastern Europe.

16 Nov 05

Romania's Danube River Protest

Romanian shippers blockaded the Danube last week in protest against trade losses incurred as a result of the war in Kosovo.

10 Nov 05

'Power Wars' Between Romania And Bulgaria

Romania and Bulgaria, both candidates for early European Union accession talks, have traded insults in the past week over what their media have called the "power war".

10 Nov 05

Unprecedented Political Crisis Hits Romania

Having survived a year of often violent anti-government demonstrations, Romania's prime minister has been ousted from office just as his administration grabs the prize of EU accession talks.

10 Nov 05
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