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Highlights of IWPR programming in three-dozen countries around the world.

The strength of IWPR’s programming lies in its ability to help individuals and groups develop the knowledge, skills, relationships and platforms they need to communicate effectively, objectively, persuasively and safely; and to use this to effect positive change.


Projects and initiatives are developed in partnership with local organisations and are designed to meet the needs of the individuals communities they serve. All programmes and projects are measured and evaluated to ensure that participants and future initiatives benefit from lessons learned.


Working in some of the most complex operating environments across the continent, IWPR’s programming in Africa assists citizens in making informed decisions on issues that affect their daily lives and gives voice to the voiceless on critical topics such as human rights and impunity.


In Southeast and East Asia, IWPR builds governance, accountability and the rule of law by turning people from passive spectators of government behaviour into active drivers of positive change. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, IWPR builds media capacity, trains reporters and editors, and gives civil society organisations the tools necessary to improve outreach and communications with the public and government officials.

Europe / Eurasia

IWPR has worked in the Caucasus and Central Asia for 12 years and in the Western Balkans for 20 years, improving the capacity of civil society activists and organisations to build more effective public information and advocacy campaigns on important regional issues, thus bringing voice to communities. Efforts centre on improving human rights, on peace building and reconciliation, and on transitional and international justice.

Latin America

IWPR is supporting Cuban civil society organisations and young, aspiring journalists to communicate effectively and to build the skills necessary to effectively advocate for positive social change. The programming also has a regional component building a platform on which young Latin American journalists and activists can share information and analysis.

Middle East / North Africa

IWPR has worked in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region since launching major programming in Iraq in 2003, which continues. Since then, work has expanded to country programming in Libya, Tunisia and Syria, and regional initiatives that include training and mentoring of citizen activists and journalists.