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Latin America

IWPR is supporting Cuban civil society organisations and young, aspiring journalists to communicate effectively and to build the skills necessary to effectively advocate for positive social change. The programming also has a regional component building a platform on which young Latin American journalists and activists can share information and analysis.


IWPR has worked with journalists and civil society groups in Cuba since 2011, equipping them to conduct fact-based reporting; to provide objective, unbiased and accurate information about developments in the country; to question authority and hold it to account; and to work together to create mutual support networks. Despite the many challenges of operating in this restrictive environment, a combination of in-person, distance and on-the-job learning has raised the standard of journalistic work. Some participants made such progress that IWPR was able to train and use them as journalism trainers.

One result of efforts to bring journalists and civil society groups together was the creation of a code of ethics for independent reporters in Cuba. Future project work will seek to build the organisational capacity of news providers and civil society groups, help them define their missions and plan strategically, and thus better prepare them to achieve their goals and deliver their messages in a focused, transparent and professional manner.

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