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Spotlight on China

Threats to independent media, freedom of expression and respect for human rights have reached a high-water mark around the world. IWPR’s mission, since 1991, is to strengthen democracy and the rule of law by supporting reliable information, public awareness and civic engagement.

In line with this mission, IWPR is managing a fund to support the development and dissemination of fact-based information, in-depth research and expert analysis in light of increasing “sharp power” activity by China.

Projects under the Information Access Fund (IAF) support research, capacity-building, independent journalism and the use of technologies to check facts and counter disinformation.

Grantees of the program, who develop their projects independently, include a diverse range of civil society and independent media organisations, educational institutions, for-profit groups and think tanks around the world.

The IAF program is funded by the US State Department’s Global Engagement Center, which was established in March 2016.

IWPR – an established implementer of major programs with support from US and European donors – oversees execution of projects funded through the IAF, including working with grantees on the development, management and monitoring of their initiatives.

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