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IWPR's Iran Program seeks to empower Iranian civil society through media, network-building, and advocacy. The Mianeh School of Journalism and the Zannegaar Journal for Women's Studies develop Iranians' abilities, improve free access to information, and build networks among civic actors. The programme arises out of the needs of the stakeholders, and is founded on a belief that sharing knowledge and best practices in citizen journalism will raise the capacity of Iranian civil society, thus contributing to laying the foundations for future democracy in Iran.

Mianeh School of Journalism -

The Mianeh School of Journalism seeks to build the skills of Iranian journalists working in a range of fields.

The journalist's trade is fast evolving as technology advances and becomes more accessible. Mianeh embraces technical evolution through its web-based structure, and will provide training in both traditional reporting and new media for up-and-coming journalists.

Consisting of a carefully designed series of theoretical and practical courses, the training programme is tailored to fit the needs of Iranian journalists. As they progress, students acquire the information and skills they will need to work as professional journalists. The courses are designed and taught by a team of journalists who are active in their respective fields.

All students complete a final multimedia project, enabling them to put the theoretical framework they have acquired into practice, with mentorship from the instructors.

Zannegaar - Women's Studies Journal -

Zannegaar is a thematic monthly online journal on women's and gender studies which serves as a platform for the community of Iranian feminist academics and advocates.

Little feminist literature written in Persian has been available to Iranians. The Zannegaar journal blazes a trail by identifying and translating the latest research coming out of the international community of feminist scholars.

For copyright reasons, Zannegaar cannot carry English versions of its content. Instead, the English-language page has a brief introduction to each of the issues covered, plus citations of original articles.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejed receives Emir Hadžikadunić, the new Bosnian ambassador in Tehran. (Photo: Danial Shaigan/Fars News Agency)
Ebrahim Gilani
6 Aug 10
Wartime assistance that Bosnia received from Tehran counted for nothing when it came to crucial UN vote.
Wargames in Iran, May 2010. (Photo: Hossein Zohrevand/Fars News Agency)
Meir Javedanfar
6 Aug 10
Talk of using force to knock out Iranian nuclear sites intensifies.
These red deer are not safe from hunters even in the Golestan National Park. (Photo: Abutaleb Nadri)
6 Aug 10
Officials show little interest in United Nations campaign to halt decline in biodiversity.
Salem Chahili, a priest who is also secretary of the Mandaean Association of Iran, prepares jasmine for the baptism ritual on the banks of the river Karoun. (Photo: Hasan Sarbakhshian)
Hasan Sarbakhshian
30 Jul 10
Ancient baptism ritual still performed in southwestern province.
A priest baptises a woman in the river. The rite goes back to John the Baptist. (Photo: Hasan Sarbakhshian)
Parvaneh Vahidmanesh
30 Jul 10
Followers of John the Baptist remain little-known in Iran, and miss out on rights enjoyed by other minority faiths.
Competition for university places is fierce and applicants have to study hard to get through the entrance exam. (Photo: Mansoreh Motamedi, Fars News Agency)
IWPR contributors
30 Jul 10
Feverish preparations to sit entrance exams reach peak over summer.
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (left) beside his ally Abdollah Jasbi, who has led the Islamic Azad University for nearly three decades. (Photo: Javad Moghimi, Fars News Agency)
Raha Tahami
23 Jul 10
President Ahmadinejad has so far failed to wrest control of academic institution he accuses of backing his opponents.
Senior military officers attend conference on National Security and Cyberspace in Tehran. (Photo: Mohammad Hasanzadeh, Fars News Agency)
23 Jul 10
Regime deploys shadowy army of cyber-warriors to take on dissidents on the web.
Volunteers for deployment to Gaza gather at Imam Khomeini International Airport on June 2 to protest against the Israeli raid on a Turkish aid ship. (Photo: Abolfazl Salmanzadeh, Mehr News Agency)
Javad Montazeri
16 Jul 10
Mass movement prepares members for suicide missions.
Volunteers keen to accompany an Iranian aid vessel to Gaza hold a ceremony outside the Red Crescent Society to commemorate those killed when Israeli troops boarded a Turkish ship carrying humanitarian cargo.  (Photo: Meghdad Madadi, Fars News Agency)
Mehdi Jedinia
13 Jul 10
Hard-liners wanted to send aid ship as deliberate provocation to Israel, but pragmatism won the day.