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IWPR's Iran Program seeks to empower Iranian civil society through media, network-building, and advocacy. The Mianeh School of Journalism and the Zannegaar Journal for Women's Studies develop Iranians' abilities, improve free access to information, and build networks among civic actors. The programme arises out of the needs of the stakeholders, and is founded on a belief that sharing knowledge and best practices in citizen journalism will raise the capacity of Iranian civil society, thus contributing to laying the foundations for future democracy in Iran.

Mianeh School of Journalism -

The Mianeh School of Journalism seeks to build the skills of Iranian journalists working in a range of fields.

The journalist's trade is fast evolving as technology advances and becomes more accessible. Mianeh embraces technical evolution through its web-based structure, and will provide training in both traditional reporting and new media for up-and-coming journalists.

Consisting of a carefully designed series of theoretical and practical courses, the training programme is tailored to fit the needs of Iranian journalists. As they progress, students acquire the information and skills they will need to work as professional journalists. The courses are designed and taught by a team of journalists who are active in their respective fields.

All students complete a final multimedia project, enabling them to put the theoretical framework they have acquired into practice, with mentorship from the instructors.

Zannegaar - Women's Studies Journal -

Zannegaar is a thematic monthly online journal on women's and gender studies which serves as a platform for the community of Iranian feminist academics and advocates.

Little feminist literature written in Persian has been available to Iranians. The Zannegaar journal blazes a trail by identifying and translating the latest research coming out of the international community of feminist scholars.

For copyright reasons, Zannegaar cannot carry English versions of its content. Instead, the English-language page has a brief introduction to each of the issues covered, plus citations of original articles.

The vote at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. (Photo: Omid Memarian)
Omid Memarian
8 Apr 11
Tehran's efforts to ward off creation of special rapporteur post come to nothing.
A man dressed up as Hajji Firuz, the embodiment of the Iranian new year, waits at Istanbul Airport to greet arrivals from Tehran.
Ayla Albayrak
24 Mar 11
In Istanbul, visitors from Iran show up their European counterparts – they have money to spend, and they don’t create trouble.
The streets of Tehran fill with shoppers ahead of the Nowruz festival. (Photo: Farshid Alyan)
23 Mar 11
Nowruz celebration a time for regeneration and new clothes.
Advertising at a convenience store for the latest films and serials out on DVD. (Photo: Farshid Alyan)
Amir Najafi
18 Mar 11
Filmmakers say diet of low-budget, straight-to-DVD drama is killing off cinema industry.
The Iranian frigate Alvand docks at the Syrian port of Lattakia (Photo: Davoud Poursehat, Irna News Agency)
Ebrahim Gilani
17 Mar 11
Controversial warship mission along Israeli coast passes off without major incident.
The  first Iranian-built ocean-going container ship (Photo: Javad Moghimi, Fars News Agency)
17 Mar 11
Staff at state shipping agency admit to changing ships’ names, owners and even paintwork to evade sanctions.
President Mahmoud welcomes Senegalese leader Abdoulaye Wade, visiting Iran in 2009 (Photo: Ali Rafiei, Fars News Agency)
Ebrahim Gilani
4 Mar 11
Years spent forging relationships come to nothing amid allegations of covert arms supplies to one or more West African states.
Research at Amir Kabir Polytechnic on a satellite due to be launched by the end of 2012. (Photo: Mohammad Hassanzadeh, Fars News Agency)
IWPR contributors
28 Feb 11
Having mastered satellites, Tehran builds towards fully-fledged space programme.
25 Feb 11
Opposition Green Movement lacks clear messages and ability to win widespread backing for protests.
IWPR contributor
25 Feb 11
Former parliamentarian sees familiar patterns in smear campaigns and appeals for regime solidarity.