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Iran: Mianeh Project

Mianeh – a Persian word that means "middle" and also suggests a role as intermediary– is an independent web-based initiative intended to create an open space for fresh insights, ideas, analysis and debate about Iran.

The Mianeh initiative is run by the Iran Programme at the Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR).

The purpose of this programme is to combine collaborative training and capacity-building with information generation to produce practical skills training with demonstrable results.

We strive to foster a culture of professionalism among Iranian journalists based on internationally accepted reporting standards. Aspiring to these standards encourages our journalist partners to pursue accuracy, impartiality and fact-based reporting.

Working with journalists, academics and analysts inside Iran has allowed us to acquire fresh, first-hand and accurate stories on events as they unfold. Mianeh provides a space for writing and informed comment on developments ranging from domestic social, political and economic concerns to Iranian foreign policy, which do not generally make it into the mainstream media.

Once commissioned, articles become part of an in-depth editorial process based around one-to-one training and support for the author by an experienced editorial team. The Persian (and sometimes English) originals are translated into the other language, with adjustments made to provide clarity and context for readers.

Mianeh is open to all writers who have something valuable to say and who want to do so in a professional way and through a constructive process.

We understand that some contributors may prefer to publish under pseudonyms for security reasons, and we are willing to do this. However, we cannot use anything sent to us anonymously.

Mianeh pieces also appear on the IWPR website and are disseminated to an international audience via a free email subscription.

The high standards set by Mianeh have given it a reputation for excellence, and the stories produced are frequently syndicated and republished in media outlets worldwide.

All published articles and other materials in IWPR's Iran section are also published on the Mianeh site ( and disseminated to an international audience via free email subscription.