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Central Asia Radio

IWPR's weekly radio programmes for Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan provide 15 minutes of analysis and comment on current political and social themes in each country.

The programmes go out in Russian and in Tajik or Kyrgyz, and to ensure that all listeners can hear them, they are being carried by established broadcast networks with maximum reach in each country – the National Radio and Television Corporation of Kyrgyzstan (NTRK), the Radio and Television Association of Kyrgyzstan, and also stations in Tajikistan.

Production Team: Bishkek editor: Sabyr Abdymomunov; Dushanbe editor: Shahodat Saibnazarova. Broadcasting Terms: Rebroadcasting of Central Asia Radio programmes is subject to written approval from IWPR.


Dates active: 
2008 to 2014
Khurshed Duraksh
29 Mar 13
Humairo Bakhtiyor
31 Jan 13
As Uzbek leader calls for respect and mutual understanding, many Tajiks believe it is time he showed some.
Sadunsho Janobalisho
21 Dec 12
Shahodat Saibnazarova
30 Nov 12
Zokirjon Dustmurodov
28 Nov 12
Zarina Ergasheva
31 Oct 12
Sadunsho Janobalisho
19 Oct 12