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Проект по правам человека в Центральной Азии


A gathering of Turkmen elders. (Photo: NBCentralAsia)
News Briefing Central Asia
19 Oct 12
Turnout was high at around 70 per cent in Kyrgyzstan's constitutional referendum. (Photo: Sultan Dosaliev, Kyrgyzstan interim government press service)
Timur Toktonaliev
30 Jun 10
Voters confound fears that ethnic unrest had brought their state to brink of collapse.
Cтатьи Партнеров
5 May 10
Автор: Галим Фасхутдинов, «Немецкая волна»,
Andrei Grishin
22 Mar 10
Long-term residents say they face arbitrary obstructions and barely concealed message that they aren't wanted.