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IWPR Ukraine e-toolkit 3

This e-toolkit for civic activists and journalists contains practical advice on how to get and use financial oversight records of the State Audit Service of Ukraine for investigating and proving irregularities with public money and property at national and local level. It was authored within the Norway-funded Giving Voice, Driving Change: From the Borderland to the Steppes project by IWPR programme consultant Glib Kanevskyi.

The IWPR publication School of Sinology of Central Asia: Problems and Perspectives follows extensive consultations across the region on knowledge and attitudes towards China.

This e-toolkit covers specific issues of following public spending with the aid of the innovative Prozorro procurement system obligatory for public-funded entities (authorities, state-owned institutions, municipal enterprises etc) which procure above threshold sums. It tackles typical fraud schemes and violations in public procurement such as connected entities, conflict of interest etc, how to identify them and appeal to law-enforcement bodies.

This e-toolkit for civic activists and journalists contains general guidelines on how to follow public money especially at the local level –  government, public procurement and municipal enterprises – with web links to numerous public registers and open data sets, practical advice and useful examples. It was authored within the Norway-funded Giving Voice, Driving Change: From the Borderland to the Steppes project by IWPR programme consultant Glib Kanevskyi.

How can we know if the peace that has been established following a civil war is a stable peace? More than half of all countries that experienced civil war since World War II have suffered a relapse into violent conflict, in some cases more than once. This book argues that efforts to build peace are hampered by the lack of effective means of assessing progress towards the achievement of a consolidated peace.

Based on IWPR's years of experience working in Syria, the manual tackles topics such as hate speech, fake news and the dangers of using stereotypes, amply illustrated with numerous real-life examples.

Content Analysis of the Representation of Central Asia, the Caucasus, Ukraine and Moldova in the Media of Kyrgyzstan in 2017 surveyed coverage of these regions and countries in the Kyrgyz media. The research helped identify weak spots in Kyrgyz journalism, analysing the main challenges and including recommendations for media workers to improve their professionalism. 

The Status of Media and the Role of Social Media in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan looks at the 2018 media landscape in four Central Asian countries. It describes the main challenges and provides detailed recommendations for the management of local outlets, government agencies and NGOs so as to strengthen the role of media across all parts of society.

The Situation of Civil Society in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan outlines the status of civil society organizations in 2018 and explores their potential for development. The study includes extensive recommendations for how heads of both NGOs and government agencies can strengthen the role played by civil society in solving various social challenges and acting as a bridge between government and society.

The Holistic Security Manual for Cuban Journalists (El Manual de Seguridad Holística para Periodistas de Cuba) was created by IWPR based on the experiences and recommendations of journalists working on the ground in Cuba, with the participation of experts and international organisations committed to freedom of expression and the protection of journalists.