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Gayane Mirzoyan

Public hearings on the new NGO law. (Photo: Gayane Mirzoyan)
Gayane Mirzoyan
15 May 15
Bill hailed as result of successful consultation process between Yerevan and civil society.
An Air Armenia passenger plane taking off. (Photo: Air Armenia Official/Wikimedia Commons)
Gayane Mirzoyan
3 Dec 14
After one national carrier collapsed last year, its successor is fighting for survival.
Gayane Mirzoyan
27 Oct 14
Two out of three local TV stations outside Yerevan won’t get channels on public-service digital system.
Anahit Bakhshyan of the Heritage party is running for election to the Yerevan city council. (Photo: Photolure)
Gayane Mirzoyan
26 Apr 13
Next month’s ballot for Yerevan city council will test how well a quota system for female candidates is working.
Gayane Mirzoyan
4 Feb 13
Radical change will encourage disabled people to work if they can, but some experts fear new system could prove as unfair as its predecessor.