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Carlos Rodríguez

A particularly well-kept example of the 1950s American cars used as taxis in Cuba. (Photo: Matthias Schack/Flickr)
Carlos Rodríguez, Odelín Alfonso Torna
5 Jul 13
Vintage cars adapted to run on cheaper stuff than petrol.
Carlos Rodríguez, Carlos Ríos Otero
3 Jul 13
Illegal satellite dishes and cable networks make for more entertaining viewing than Cuban state TV.
A modern "bendy bus" in Havana. (Photo: Alexander Robles)
Carlos Rodríguez
11 Jun 13
Problems remain despite government efforts to restore public transport to former efficiency.
Cuban athlete at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. (Photo: Garry Knight/Flickr)
Carlos Rodríguez
29 Jan 13
While some seek better lives abroad, others stay out of a sense of loyalty.
Carlos Rodríguez, Laura Paz
25 Jan 13
Since people buy black-market gas to supplement limited state supply, a pilot project will see fuel on sale legally.
Street traders are part of Cuba's growing private sector. (Photo: Devon D. Ewart/Flickr)
Carlos Rodríguez
21 Jan 13
Self-employed numbers rose ten per cent in 2012.
A Cuban ten-peso note of the kind now being counterfeited. (Photo: David Sasaki/Flickr)
Carlos Rodríguez
15 Jan 13
People pay surprisingly little attention to checking whether their change comes in counterfeit notes.