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Ahmad Shah

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Afghan women in Bagh-e-Babur, Kabul (Photo: Ninara/Wikimedia)
Ahmad Shah
20 Oct 16
Dedicated green space will provide opportunities to relax, socialise and run small businesses.
Leishmaniasis patient in a Kabul hospital. (Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)
Ahmad Shah
18 Jul 16
Health officials are concerned by rising rates of the parasitic disease.
A women entrepreneur in Khost displays her products made from locally available materials. (Photo: Ahmad Salarzai/Flickr)
Ahmad Shah
16 Jun 16
Warnings that small-scale development projects are falling victim to corruption.
Ahmad Shah
18 May 16
Locals say that only outside intervention can help reduce abuses.
Ahmad Shah
18 Jan 16
Local campaigners say that they are not invited to political or cultural gatherings.
Ahmad Shah
30 Nov 15
Thousands attend unregistered madrassas where the government has no control.
Ahmad Shah
4 Nov 15
Forced marriage, domestic violence and economic hardship all require more effective action.
Ahmad Shah
22 Oct 15
In Khost province, one community agrees to limit the price of getting married.
Ahmad Shah, Mina Habib
8 Oct 15
Women fleeing domestic violence in Khost currently have to throw themselves on the mercy of police or community elders.
Ahmad Shah
4 Sep 15
Khost has an abysmal record on on upholding equal opportunity rules in local government.