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Afgan Mukhtarli

Yafez Akramoglu. (Photo courtesy of Y. Akramoglu)
Afgan Mukhtarli
22 Jul 15
Cloak-and-dagger meetings in a border town as police try to force journalist to come back.
Afgan Mukhtarli
13 Jul 15
“We fear that this growing harassment is a forerunner of a new crackdown” – Reporters Without Borders.
Afgan Mukhtarli
7 Jul 15
Focus on “hostile” Armenian reports and “biased” Western media.
Murad Adilov (Photo: N. Adilov)
Afgan Mukhtarli
29 May 15
Instead of freeing prisoners as usual on a national holiday, the authorities continue putting their opponents behind bars.
Afgan Mukhtarli
18 May 15
Registration system for people living abroad seen as Big Brother move.
Afgan Mukhtarli
10 May 15
One arrested, two jailed, one ordered to stay in detention after more than a year without trial.
Afgan Mukhtarli
24 Apr 15
As the European Games approach, the government tries to accentuate the positive and silence critics.
Intiqam Aliyev. (Photo: Abbas Atilay)
Afgan Mukhtarli
23 Apr 15
“Arrests can take away our freedom, but not our desire to be free” - human rights defender Intiqam Aliyev
March 15 rally in Baku at which devaluation and the state of the economy were the focus of protests. (Photo: Azadliq newspaper)
Afgan Mukhtarli
27 Mar 15
Loan repayments have risen by a third, leading to financial misery for borrowers.
Taleh Khasmammadov. (Photo: T. Khasmammadov's Facebook page)
Afgan Mukhtarli
20 Mar 15
Taleh Khasmammadov reportedly in grave condition after suicide bid.