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Afghan Refugee Focus

The number of Afghan refugees returning home following the over throw of the Taleban has surpassed all expectations.

15 Feb 10

The Killing Fields of Afghanistan

Successive government bans on poppy production have had little impact on a deadly industry that blights lives across the world.

15 Feb 10

Vanishing Afghan Treasures

Religious fanatics and smugglers have over the years laid waste to Afghanistan's rich cultural heritage.

15 Feb 10

Turkmenistan in AIDS Denial

Poverty, drug abuse and prostitution appear to be encouraging the spread of HIV – but officials insist republic is free of the virus.

20 Nov 05

Turkmen Turn to Catholicism

Rumours that many people wish to convert in order to join pilgrimage to the Vatican - and then leave the country - lead to a block on new baptisms.

20 Nov 05

Compulsive Reading in Turkmenistan

Everyone’s reading it, but only because studying the president’s book is compulsory for pre-school kids and surgeons alike.

20 Nov 05
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