5 May 16 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting

IWPR Films Shortlisted for Award

Features tell stories of reconciliation and justice in a society still struggling to overcome ethnic divisions.
Two IWPR documentaries on the legacy of the 1992-1995 civil war have been shortlisted for an award at a Bosnian film festival.

Afghan Girls Demand Respect

Conservative traditions in the southern province of Kandahar mean that sons are valued over daughters.
Gul Ghutay has two brothers and three sisters. But her father, she said, only cared about his sons and barely acknowledged his daughters.

Afghan Women Leaving Journalism

A combination of rising violence and family pressure means that the numbers of female reporters are dwindling.
Hila used to love her job at a privately-owned radio station in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar. She was heartbroken when the deteriorating security situation forced to give up her work as a journalist.

Abkhazia, Georgia's Energy Security at Risk

The Inguri hydroelectric power plant badly needs repairs that would put it out of action for months if not years.
The prospect of large-scale repair work on the Inguri hydroelectric station, crucial for power supplies to both Georgia and Abkhazia, have raised questions about the neighbouring territories’ energy security.

Fighting Against Torture in Tajikistan

Hopes that new legislation will help change culture of impunity.
Although Tajikistan is a signatory to the United Nations Convention against Torture, human rights experts say that mistreatment and abuse is still rife within the state system.

A Futile War

A bomb shatters one family's future.
My family and I had just finished lunch, and my husband and I were enjoying a pleasant evening together, sipping coffee and discussing the preparations for our daughter’s engagement party.

Surviving Assad’s Prisons

One woman's story of brutality and abuse in detention.
Her name is Abeer. She is from Maarat al-Numan, and this is the story of the torment she suffered while detained by the Syrian government.

The Birth of A New Hope

Joy and pain mingle in a city under siege.
My first baby was almost due, and I had just been to see the doctor for a final examination.

Restoring Dignity to Idlib's Jobless

New project aims to combat culture of dependency among local youth.
Queues of people, young and old, waiting for food aid have become a common sight in Idlib. The conflict has led to the systematic destruction of Idlib’s infrastructure and high rates of unemployment.