16 May 16 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting

Cuban Officials in Panama Papers

Leaked data reveals the existence of dozens of businesses associated with senior figures.
Officials from Cuba’s Communist party used a Swiss lawyer to establish offshore companies for their global business activities, the so-called Panama Papers have revealed.

Kazakstan: Hipsters of the Steppe

Young creatives are pursuing a niche look, accessorised with iPhones and fuelled by chai lattes.
Anton, a 26-year-old photographer from Almaty, has a personal style that’s intended to look thrown together but makes him instantly stand out from the crowd.

Filipinos Look to Strongmen to Bring Change

Public hope anti-establishment figures will deliver what current government has failed to do.
A gun-toting, loudmouth mayor and the son of a former dictator look set to win the two top posts in the Philippines’ May 9 elections.

Kyrgyz Public Bored by Politics

The region’s most progressive democracy is failing to impress ordinary people.
Kyrgyz experts are reporting rising public disillusionment with politics after the country’s prime minister resigned after just 11 months in office – the average term served by all premiers since independence.

Georgians Long to Visit South Ossetia

People cut off by the de facto border still want to visit cemeteries on the other side.
Georgians living in regions adjoining the breakaway territory of South Ossetia have once again been unable to pay their traditional Easter visit to the graves of loved ones buried across the administrative border.

Warm Welcome for Syrian Armenians

Thousands of incomers feel they are returning to their historic homeland.
Amid the refugee crisis sparked by the Syrian civil war, the fate of some 17,000 Armenians from Syria who have sought sanctuary in Armenia stands out as a rare example of integration.

Solidarity with Syria's Besieged

Volunteers may have little themselves, but they still want to help others.
On January 7, 2016, Shaima donated her family’s entire daily food allowance to the Molham organisation towards aid for the besieged residents of Madaya.

Syria’s Modern Mud Villages

A new project is helping to house the displaced.
Displaced from Hama’s countryside, Ahmad al-Sheikh was so desperate to find a new home for his family that he was preparing to buy a tent just to provide some shelter.

A Long and Dangerous Journey Home

What should have been a simple trip descends into terror.
On the final day of my university exams in July 2014, I packed my bags and bid my friends goodbye. It was time to make the long journey back home to Kfar Nabel.