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Global Voices

Journalists trained by IWPR produce news, analysis, and comment pieces on the issues that affect their countries and communities.


IWPR provides a multilingual platform for journalists who would otherwise have no outlet. Multimedia and text stories cover the themes of IWPR’s project activities, from human rights to good governance, conflict to inclusive societies. Story production is an integral part of IWPR’s training methodology, as on-the-job mentoring builds massively on formal training courses.

Europe / Eurasia

Anarbek Usupbaev, Kyrgyz activist and representative of the ancient tradition of Tengrism. (Photo courtesy of A. Usupbaev)
Теңирчилик деген эмне – динби, культпу, байыркы ишенимби, шаманчылыкпы же жөн гана философия жана дүйнөгө болгон көз карашпы – деген суроонун тегерегиндеги талаш-тартыштар Кыргызстанда 6 жылга чукул убактан бери басаңдабай келүүдө.

Photo Gallery

Group photo of CABAR School trainees. (Photo: CABAR)
Ten-day course equips young journalists with specialist tools.