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This collection summarizes in 100 articles the basic events that have taken place in the Caucasus from 1999-2005 - a period during which not only saw the beginning of a new millennium, but of new developments in the region. Every week during these six years, the Caucasus Reporting Service of the Institute for War & Peace Reporting provided readers around the world a view on these events.

This major new work from a leading scholar provides a comprehensive treatment of recent attempts at the international administration of of war-torn territories.

Handbook for Local Journalists in Crisis Areas is a practical guide for journalists in crisis areas, which is based on IWPR’s wide experience of training and working with journalists in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The handbook teaches international reporting standards, explaining the journalistic process clearly, from subject choice to final editing. The modules are enhanced with examples and extracts from previously published IWPR stories from around the world.

He travels the length and breadth of Armenia and Azerbaijan, talking to veterans, refugees and the inhabitants of ruined towns and villages. He recreates the story of the descent into conflict of two former Soviet neighbours, its disastrous consequences and the confused efforts of the "Great Powers"-Russia, France and the United States-to bring peace to the Caucasus.

Reporting the Future handbook is designed to help Afghan journalists in three ways. First, it serves as an explanation in their own language to many of the ideas and concepts behind international journalism. Second, it provides practical guidance, including twelve separate exercises, on many of the basic techniques of journalism. Third, the glossary at the back is intended to serve as a reference to explain and introduce many concepts which may be new to Afghan journalists.

With support from the International Organisation of Migration, IOM, IWPR reported on every stage of the Loya Jirga. From this recording, a transcript has been created in local languages (Dari & Pashto). 

Local media coverage of the October 2000 parliamentary elections in Belarus was overwhelmingly driven by political and not professional concerns. With the mass media in the country divided into pro- and anti-government camps, the voters were the ultimate losers. Neither side presented members of the public with sufficient objective information for them to make an informed choice.

In an attempt to encourage greater professional awareness among local journalists who may find themselves reporting conflict in the course of their work, IWPR produced comparative study of recent media coverage in four conflict areas - Georgia, Cambodia, Bosnia and South Africa. Using journalists/researchers from each country, we sought to examine local perception of media behaviour.