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Malawi election report cover

IWPR, in partnership with the National Democratic Institute, produced three monitoring reports on media coverage in Malawi ahead of presidential, parliamentary and local elections held on May 20, 2014.

Local Governance Inside Syria - cover

Governing bodies known as local councils have emerged throughout Syria from the chaos of three years of war. The councils fill a critical need for social and governmental organiation in areas where the President Bashar al-Assad's administration has lost control.

The aim of this handbook is to equip the reader with an understanding of Rwanda’s new media laws, both in terms of the rights and obligations introduced, as well as in terms of the regulatory and institutional structure they have established.

Malawi Handbook cover

The handbook Malawi Reporting: Covering the Tripartite Elections has been produced to accompany the USAID/NDI/IWPR Course in Election Reporting, which is being conducted for Malawian journalists in the run-up to the 2014 elections.

Cuba book cover

This book is a collection of articles written by a group of Cuban journalists. Each story opens a window on the changes and contradictions of life in Cuba, and each represents one step in the journalist's quest to report ethically and professionally and pursue freedom of expression.

Syria Media Map cover

This report provides an assessment of the media sector in Syria as of early 2013. It includes a summary of the media framework, information on freedom of expression, and details of both state and government media, and private media. The report also provides recommendations for future interventions in the media sector.

Transitional Justice Handbook cover

This handbook for journalists, citizens and activists takes a look at how Syria could deal with issues of transitional justice when it emerges from the current period of conflict and instability.

Cyber Arabs No. 6

This is the sixth issue of Cyber Arabs (, a magazine covering digital security issues in the Arab world. As always, the aim is to provide news and advice that will help you to protect your privacy online and to communicate more securely via the internet.

Cyber Arabs No. 5

This is the fifth issue of Cyber Arabs, a magazine dealing with digital security issues in the Arab world. For this issue, we have focused on the latest tools and apps to keep your digital life secure.

Cyber Arabs No. 4

This is the fourth issue of Cyber Arabs, a magazine dealing with digital security issues in the Arab world. The focus of this issue is on using social media, especially Facebook.